• Lorraine Jespersen

What to expect

A few final thoughts before we depart on Thursday.

For those of you traveling from Redmond we will be meeting at the airport at 12.30pm.

For those joining us in San Francisco we will meet at the departure gate an hour before departure.

(Matt & Marlene we will see you in Israel - wishing you safe travels).

Upon arrival we will be clearing immigration and customs.

You will need to fill out an immigration form that will be provided by the airline. You will include the flight details as well as your personal information.

IMPORTANT - You will need to retain your copy of this form for Departure from Israel

You can put the destination as our first hotel -

Hotel Island Suites

Oved Ben Ami Boulevard 10

Netanya, Israel 077-266-6666

We might get separated during the immigration process so we will be meeting at the baggage claim where we will then depart together for our bus.

Here is a link to some helpful information about the arrival process once we get to Israel.

Once we arrive at the hotel we will get checked in and hopefully all get a good nights rest.

Our first day in Israel we will be off to an early start - Breakfast is from 7-8 and we will be departing from the hotel at 8am. Please be ready to depart promptly at 8. We will be meeting in the lobby, unless otherwise directed. We want to be on time for our departures.

As always, please ask if you have any questions.