• Lorraine Jespersen

the countdown

We are 10 days away from our trip. I don't know about everyone else but I am VERY excited to be sharing this journey with you.

Sadly Lynda & Carl Cadwell wont be joining us, as Lynda has been diagnosed with cancer. Please keep Lynda in your prayers for her upcoming surgery and a speedy recovery. They will be missed on the trip.

Questions about power in Jordan? Here is a helpful link

Amazon has many options for adapters

Ladies remember flat irons, etc wont work with an adapter you need a convertor or a device that has dual voltage.

The weather forecast is looking great - Mostly sunny and 69/70 when we arrive. With averages in the high 70's.

Lastly, since we are a group reservation, we have limited options in changing moving seats for our flights. We did the best we could to accommodate your requests. Unfortunately, not everyone could be accommodated as our seats are part of a block. You can request to be moved at checkin or at the gate.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions. I'm here to help make this a fantastic trip.