• Lorraine Jespersen

Good morning - today’s update on the virus from Israel

March 4, 2020

Ref: 1100-0005-2020-670859

The following is the update on tourists coming from France, Germany, Spain, Austria and Switzerland to Israel:

1. Foreign nationals that have been residing in France, Germany, Spain, Austria and Switzerland in the past 14 days and are currently located in Israel or will be arriving to Israel up until Friday 6.3.2020 at 8am, can continue their visit as per usual except for the following limitations:

• In the case that the tourist doesn't feel well, they need to contact 101 immediately.

• Hygiene standards have to be implemented.

• Avoid crowded public areas as much as possible.

2. On Friday at 8am, the order from the Interior Minister will come into

effect. This order will prohibit entry to Israel of foreign nationals residing in France, Germany, Spain, Austria and Switzerland, except for those who declare that they have the ability to maintain isolation in a private home for 14 days. A foreign national will not be permitted to enter Israel if they declare that they will uphold the 14 day isolation in a hotel or anywhere else that is not a private home.

3. Foreign nationals who have arrived from a different source country and only had a connecting flight in one of these destinations, will be permitted to enter Israel.


Pini Shani

Senior Deputy-Director-General

Tourism Experience Administration

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