• Lorraine Jespersen

going home...

A LOT has happened in the time we have been in Israel.

Due to the threats and potential implications of COVID-19, many aspects of our schedule have been in flux.

I have been monitoring information daily while working diligently to confirm and provide you with the most updated details. Currently no tourists are being allowed through the check points in Jerusalem, so we are unable to go to the Dead Sea as planned.

With this, and other factors, in mind the decision has been made to return back home sooner than originally planned.

Our new return details are as follows:

Depart Tel Aviv to San Francisco 12.05am Tuesday March 17th

Flight Number UA955

For those continuing to Redmond.

Flight Number UA5879

Departing 7:52 AM arriving 09:34 AM

This will be a tight connection with the added screenings that are being predicted. Currently I have everyone on the same flight, our goal is to keep it that way.

For those who changed their tickets previously to upgrade, etc you are on different confirmation numbers. I was able to get those tickets changed and have kept your upgrades where possible. (those I know about).

I will have details on our plans for our departure later tomorrow. (What time we are getting the to airport, etc.)

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks to everyone for staying flexible and making the best of our trip.