• Lorraine Jespersen

A note from Matt Thomas

Compass Church Friends:

We are in our final week of planning for the trip of a lifetime. 

A web address that is used for Christian study-abroad groups is that you might find helpful for everything from passages to read in the Bible, to books or articles of interest, to things to do with your free time.

As many of you have been following matters related to the corona virus, we have been following state department health (U.S.) advisories and ministry of health (Israel) updates as I am sure you have.  We have not seen any matters related to contagion for tourists from the U.S.  And, as you will find, we will be a self-contained group, doing all of our tour activities together.  Of course, regardless of the time or season, it would be good for you to bring some hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes.  That is always just good, standard practice.

Upon arrival, I will provide you with a “daily thoughts” guide which will serve as a biblical focus for each day’s activities.  Bring your Bible or smart device with Bible download to read the daily Scriptures.  And, get ready for an experience of a lifetime.  It will forever change your perspective when you listen to or read God’s word. 

Marlene and I are excited to meet you all.