• Lorraine Jespersen


Here are some questions that have been received and the answers.

Clothing do's & don'ts...

Standard American casual wear is acceptable. Shorts and bare shoulders will not be acceptable in most places but since temperatures are likely be between 60-75 degrees. No one should struggle. It's always good to pack layers. Easiest way to adapt to the different climates - add or remove a sweater or scarf.

A small umbrella would be a good thing to pack.


We will be able to use the hotels laundry service but it can be expensive. It will help to pack strategically. Pack items to mix & match with at least two or three other pieces. No one will be judging you on your fashion choices. Recommendation for 16 days including flights, 4 pair of pants or jeans, 1 or 2 pair capris (women, men maybe not), 6-8 tops, 2-3 sweaters, light jacket, 15 pair underwear/socks. All which will fit into a small carry-on with room to spare. The bulky packing is SHOES!! Again, it's not a fashion show so wear your walking shoes on the flight over and pack only 1 or 2 other comfortable pairs.


Yardenit supplies the baptism gown and towel. It's about $10pp for anyone that wants to be baptized. Those wanting to be baptized will need to pack their swimsuit to wear under the gown. There are nice changing rooms available.


The standard advice is to carry them in the original bottles with the patient's name on it.


Typically CBD products are not questioned. The drug sniffing dogs pick up on the TCH but not looking for CBD oils or capsules. CBD is legal in all 50 states even where marijuana hasn't been legalized. It's also legal in Israel. Not in Jordan. However, if you have a prescription for it there should be no problem in either location. CBD products can also be purchased in Israel. Interesting Fact: Israel is the world leader in marijuana for medical use

Food Allergies

Breakfast & dinner will be a nice buffet with many choices. Lunches will vary. But usually it's very simple to avoid problem foods.

Cell Phone Plans

Check with your carriers. WhatsApp ( ) offers free WiFi calling and texting so you can make any necessary calls while connected to the WiFi. Which is readily available in all the hotels, most restaurants, etc.